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Renewable solutions

Lets go renewable

Here at North coast we believe that renewable energy is the way forward.

We have expanded our knowledge and expertise to gain our mcs accreditation. Being mcs accredited is one of the highest standards achievable in our industry.


We are mcs registered, but what is it??

MCS refers to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. It is a requirement of the Domestic RHI scheme that all heating systems are certified by mcs. Mcs certifies both products and installation companies to help ensure that Microgeneration products are installed to a high standard.

There are several types of renewable energies used in the plumbing and heating industry which have been  increasing in popularity over the past few years.

North Coast has dedicated trained engineers that specialise in heat pumps (air and ground source) as well as solar thermal.

What are the main benefits of heat pumps?

There are many benefits, both financial and environmental, associated with heat pump installations which are the reason heat pump systems have become very popular over the last decade or so. They can be used to heat space through radiators, air convectors and under floor heating systems, and can also be used to heat water for general use in your home. Some heat pumps are eligible for rhi (renewable heat insentive) see below.

To find out more on heat pumps please follow the link Tell me more about heat pumps

Types of Heat Pumps..


Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps work by extracting heat from the ground using 2 methods depending on the amount of space available. One method is by using slinkys which is an array of pipe buried covering a large area.

Find out more here

Air source heat pumps


Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) absorb heat from the outside air to heat your home and hot water. They can still extract heat when air temperatures are as low as -15°C Find out more here

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